About Me

I'm Becca! Owner and photographer at Rebecca Aon Photography. I know that it can be intimidating getting in front of the camera, but with the right photographer it will be an experience that empowers you in whatever season of life you may be in. I decided to pursue photography in the hopes of reflecting to others the light that already lives so brilliantly within them. In a world that moves so quickly and has insanely high expectations in the most unrealistic of ways, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. I believe this art form transcends the photograph and is an incredible way to allow clients to meet themselves exactly where they are and remember this version of you is exactly right! I want my clients to take the feeling of empowerment they gather within our shoot together with them into their daily living!

There is a sweetness to the art of photography that I have been pulled towards since I was a child. As I've grown I have learned that photography is a tool to bring happiness out in others. Its a way to freeze a seemingly fleeting moment and make it last forever. It stirs up joy within us for all time.